Brian Kilcommons of Great Dogs Selected As Top 10 Dog Trainer

We are proud to announce that Brian Kilcommons, owner and Trainer for The Great Dogs Resort, has been named among the TOP 10 DOG TRAINERS IN THE UNITED STATES by Top Ten Magazine.  Based in NY, Top Ten Magazine brings it’s readers the best the world has to offer.  Among others listed in the Top 10 are The Lonestar Dog Trainer, Linda Michaels, Larry Benoit, and Cesar Milan.  The most common recurring theme among all the trainers is positive reward based training, building better relationships with your dog, and proper socialization. 

Great Dogs Selected #1

Dogs have been “man’s best friend” since, well, forever. But that friendship can be sorely tested when Rover is jumping all over a guest, pulling at the leash or barking non-stop. Sadly, these kind of bad manners often result in dogs winding up in shelters. This is why training them is critical to help avoid this sad fate – not to mention, improve the relationship between owner and dog. Dog Owners Can Prevent Violent Encounters Between Police and Their Pets

There are usually two people involved in lethal encounters between law enforcement officers and pet dogs: the pet owner and the officer.

Huffington Post – Hundreds Of Abused Dogs Have A Second Chance Thanks To This Amazing Chicago Rescue Program

This is Braveheart. Her owner was arrested on felony animal cruelty charges in August 2014.  At the time, Braveheart was covered in bite marks, her muzzle was swollen and her ear had been ripped in half.

Animal Sheltering Magazine Sept/Oct 2014

Crossing the Thin Blue Line – New training focuses on reducing deadly police-dog encounters

Inside Edition May 2014

Police Shooting Dogs Airdate: 04/29/2014 It is estimated that every 98 minutes a dog is shot by law enforcement.  Earlier this week a Texas cop was fired after shooting a pet dog in the head.

Washington Post – Dogs and Cops

News from the Washtington Post, reporting on Brian’s work with dogs and the police, and publicity for his video promotion

Close Encounters Between Cops and Canines – FULL VIDEO

Nearly every week there are media reports of police officers shooting dogs while responding to calls, and some of these incidents go viral once captured by a mobile device or an officer’s dashboard camera.


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