TEAMwork is fun.

There is little in life as gratifying as the bond you will develop with your dog through positive training.

Tone, Emotion, Attitude and Movement (TEAM) are what training is all about. Working together, you and your dog can easily learn the basics. To be an effective teacher, you have to be fair, enthusiastic, patient, decisive, consistent and fun. As an attentive follower, he has to learn to pay attention and to trust you enough to try. There is a lot for both of you to learn.

You must learn how he thinks. Then you have to adjust your methods so they are comprehensible to him. He has to figure out what “Sit” means. Simplistic to us, but learning that human sound means that he should assume a specific body position is a completely foreign concept to him.

To appreciate the position your dog is in, imagine waking up one morning and finding yourself in a strange country where you don’t understand the language or the culture. Someone enters your room and says “Rutshid.” You stare at him blankly. “Rutshid, Rutshid,” he repeats earnestly. You are still clueless. He glares at you. “Rutshid!” he shouts. Nervous, you back away. “This one is stubborn,” he says, “or maybe just stupid.”

Were you being stubborn or stupid? No! You just did not know what to do. So it is for your dog. You have the tools necessary to be a good teacher; all you need to do is learn how to use them effectively.



By using your voice in three clear ways that imitate canine communication, you’ll make it much easier for your dog to learn.


By controlling your emotion and showing the dog your genuine pleasure in his accomplishments, you will build his trust and enthusiasm, motivating your dog to learn.


By cultivating a nonnegotiable, decisive,”We will learn this” attitude, you will make it inevitable that your dog will learn.


By learning the movements required to teach the basic behaviors, you make it possible for your dog to learn. Since he cannot understand our language, we must show him what do to through movement.

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