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    Great Dogs provides clients access to quality videos containing general dog training information, personalized updates on client dog’s training progress, and 1 on 1 owner instruction to develop communication and relationship with their pet.

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    To have your dog trained by Brian, please fill out the training application for The Great Dogs Resort.  We are a luxury board and train facility that specializes in creating better behavior in dogs through training of both pet and owner.


  • Board & Train

    Brian offers in person private training sessions at the Great Dogs facility to pet owners, professional trainers and shelter staff and a customized Board & Train program for training with dogs in a realistic home environment where dogs receive individual attention and care.
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    The Great Dogs training facility is by appointment only. To schedule training and consultations please contact Brian by:

    Email: brian@greatdogs.dog

    Phone: 914-755-8892


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Great Dogs 5 Acre facility is the realization of years of research in premier canine training and is the vision of perfection for owners and their best friends.  The tranquil hills, open pastures, outside and inside training areas represent an experience/environment like no other. Great Dogs Training and Behavior Center is a picturesque, serene, safe, clean facility created to enhance the training and learning experience for both people and their canine family members.

The facility enables dogs to be socialized and exercised with other dogs both inside and outdoors. In a stressful world, Great Dogs has developed a fun, safe, learning environment for you and your pet. The training is based on the concept of a connected relationship between you and your canine.  Current clients summarize the experience best: “This is the ONLY facility to which I am willing and happy to entrust my best friend.  The small number of dogs and individual treatment cannot be surpassed.”

about Brian

In his multifaceted career spanning several decades, Brian has witnessed & addressed a myriad of human/animal relationships – from the tragic to the sublime, from the dramatic to the frivolous. His knowledge, insight and, some say almost mystical empathy with animals, has enlightened pet owners & enthusiasts around the world.

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Received New York and Pennsylvania State Veterinary Awards for Impact on Animals in Media

Part Time Faculty For The Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine for 15 years

What Our Clients Have To Say

Tony’s daughter asked if we would take her dog into our home for a year while she settled into a new job. I have owned several dogs and felt confident that I could easily handle her 8 year old Australian shepherd mix. Little did I know! Tucker was an enigma to me: when we were… Read Entire Testimonial “Brian was our saving grace.”

We unequivocally recommend Brian as a dog trainer. He has trained all three of our golden retrievers. This year when we called Brian, we were in a fairly desperate situation. I was becoming ill, unsteady on my feet. Gracie, our beautiful baby, was sweet, but rambunctious, headstrong and nipping at my legs and feet. She… Read Entire Testimonial “We unequivocally recommend Brian as a dog trainer.”

Tina Stark

After 6 months of attempting to housebreak Joay, our adorable female mini labradoodle, we entrusted her training to Brian. As a typical puppy, Joay also had a mind of her own and needed to learn to respond to basic commands, as well as to find her place in our Manhattan apartment which included an ornery,… Read Entire Testimonial “Helped her to live”

Craig, Mary-Frances and Joay

Master Class

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Reading a book about dog training is great, but it is also a  challenging effort to understand and apply.  Expert dog trainer, Brian Kilcommons, wants to help you and your puppy.  With his Online Masterclass, Brian will teach you how to develop good behavior and relationship with puppies, adults and adult dogs PLUS deal with problem dogs. Easy to understand step by step video classes with all you need to know about raising a happy, well-behaved dog. His philosophy: Fun, Fair and Firm combined with Touch, Tone and Telepathy works with almost any dog and owner.