Nestled among the serene fields and verdant farmland of Litchfield County, Great Dogs is the newest venture created by world-renowned dog trainer and dog behavior specialist, Brian Kilcommons. Brian has decades of experience having trained over 40,000 dogs, published nine books, has served as Part Time Faculty at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine for 15 years, Pet Expert for WABC News, Parade Magazine and the Fox News Channel.

Great Dogs 5 Acre facility is the realization of years of research in premier canine training and is the vision of perfection for owners and their best friends.  The tranquil hills, open pastures, outside and inside training areas represent an experience/environment like no other. Great Dogs Training and Behavior Center is a picturesque, serene, safe, clean facility created to enhance the training and learning experience for both people and their canine family members.

Unique features of the Great Dogs Training facility include:

State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture
Training Facility License #TRF.000282
Commercial Kennel License # CKF.000441

Large exercise fields

Fenced in play areas with Astro turf or gravel

Covered runs for protection during bad weather

Training room

Grooming room

Full kitchen and dining area

All of the above have been created for dogs and owners to be together and experience all aspects of daily life companionably, including an enormous scenic deck for dogs and their owners to relax and enjoy the views at the end of the day.

The facility enables dogs to be socialized and exercised with other dogs both inside and outdoors. In a stressful world, Great Dogs has developed a fun, safe, learning environment for you and your pet. The training is based on the concept of a connected relationship between you and your canine.  Current clients summarize the experience best: “This is the ONLY facility to which I am willing and happy to entrust my best friend.  The small number of dogs and individual treatment cannot be surpassed.”

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