Whether it’s on a TV screen, on a web page, in a waiting room, or presented for an audience, Great Dogs delivers quality production values, engaging hosts and most importantly…credentialed content.

Client Videos

The videos below represent the experience you will receive when you work with Brian.

Maybe It’s Not The Dog

This original show concept harnesses Brian Kilcommon’s decades of experience to create a surprising, amusing, and insightful show about changing behavior in both dogs and people. Direct and out spoken, Brian calls it as he sees it and he sees a lot. Viewers will laugh and gasp, learn and be fascinated.


DVDs are useful for promotional purposes, as well as retail opportunities. Projects such as My Smart Puppy demonstrate how advertisers can participate.

Tactical Strategies and Effective Tools to Keep our Communities Safe and Humane.

A Series of Informational Videos for Law Enforcement featuring Brian Kilcommons.