02 Jun

Great Dogs Selected #1

Dogs have been “man’s best friend” since, well, forever. But that friendship can be sorely tested when Rover is jumping all over a guest, pulling at the leash or barking non-stop. Sadly, these kind of bad manners often result in dogs winding up in shelters. This is why training them is critical to help avoid this sad fate – not to mention, improve the relationship between owner and dog.

Most dogs can master your basic “sit” and “stay” commands, but with the right techniques, they can learn much more (hey, those cute pups on TV or in movies weren’t born knowing how to do that stuff). Dog trainers insist that no dog is a lost cause, that their naughty or destructive behavior can be corrected. It’s a matter of finding what works for both you and your dog, then being consistent.

There are thousands of dog trainers in America, but here are ten that regularly get “paws up” for their insights, methods and devotion to the human-animal bond.


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