06 Dec

Brian Kilcommons of Great Dogs Selected As Top 10 Dog Trainer

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We are proud to announce that Brian Kilcommons, owner and Trainer for The Great Dogs Resort, has been named among the TOP 10 DOG TRAINERS IN THE UNITED STATES by Top Ten Magazine.  Based in NY, Top Ten Magazine brings it’s readers the best the world has to offer.  Among others listed in the Top 10 are The Lonestar Dog Trainer, Linda Michaels, Larry Benoit, and Cesar Milan.  The most common recurring theme among all the trainers is positive reward based training, building better relationships with your dog, and proper socialization.  The article lists Brian as:

Brian Kilcommons is one of the best and most experienced dog trainers in the United States. He is highly admired and is not just a dog trainer as he is also an author. He is known to be the author of pet training manuals and has published several books. Seven of his books are written by him and his wife Sarah Wilson who is also a dog trainer. Because Kilcommons is a perfect dog trainer, he trained the dogs of many celebrities and this is why you can call him the dog trainer of the celebrities or the stars. He has trained more than 35,000 dogs and believes that saying “NO” to dogs is a useless method to prevent them from doing something because this word is abstract for them and they do not understand its meaning.

Source:  Top 10 Best Dog Trainers in the United States – Top Ten Magazine


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