06 Dec

If you work with Brian you will get positive results.

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We agreed to take over the care of an eight-year-old mixed breed dog who had been found abandoned and roaming the streets many years ago by a family member. The dog’s experiences over the years created fear aggression in him that occasionally would be explosive. On his daily walks in the neighborhood he was always alert for “danger” and frequently activated aggressively to ward off imagined threats.

Through Brian’s example of handling Tucker, and more importantly his training of us as Tucker’s every day handlers, we saw enormous improvement in his behavior. As we gradually learned to be consistent in providing structure as well as praise, Tucker became more relaxed and found less and less reason to activate. When he felt that we were totally in charge of the environment he could and would relax. He is also keenly aware of when we the handlers get distracted and do not provide the leadership and structure needed. He then can revert to the belief that it is he who must be alert to “danger” for he and his pack.

Brian’s considerable experience and understanding of canine behavior enables him to develop a corrective action plan in a New York minute. More importantly, his understanding of human behavior with dogs results in tailored advice that meet the needs of the dog and the person who is responsible for the dog.

When you work with Brian, you get so much more than the time you spend with direct face-to-face training. He goes out of his way to be available by phone to discuss behaviors and get advice. And he will often take the time himself to call to check in on how things are going. And if he senses you have veered from the path, he provides direct feedback and encouragement.

If you work with Brian you will get positive results. Your dog will be better behaved and more in sync with you. But make no mistake about it; the more challenged your dog is the more you can expect to be challenged to take the right steps.

When you are working with Brian, it is clear that he cares about your dog and he cares about you. And he is driven to create success for all.


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