06 Dec


  • 2048

My German Shepherd, Shadow, and I are living the good life and it’s all thanks to Brian Kilcommons!

When I started working with Brian, Shadow was 9 months old and well on his way to maturing into a large dog. Since I am just 4’10?, I knew I needed help training him. I had taken some private lessons from one trainer and this was such a disaster that I decided to try training him on my own. After all Shadow wasn’t our first German Shepherd, so I figured I’d be fine. But Shadow is like no other dog that we’ve owned, and I soon knew that I needed help.

At our first meeting with Brian, I couldn’t even walk Shadow down his driveway in a mannerly fashion. Shadow was all over the place with me trailing along trying to get him to listen to no avail. After watching us, Brian asked what my expectations and goals were for my dog. He gave me his professional, matter of fact, opinion which is something that I’ve been grateful for ever since.



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