06 Dec

He’s the real deal

  • 1931

As my husband has said many times, he’s the real deal. I’ve had dogs my entire life and each pet comes with different issues. I initially became familiar with Brian’s work through my veterinarian in 1996. I had a Brittany who was very high strung. Brian’s training books were very helpful to me. Years later, I now have 3 dogs but my Belgian Malinois was very insecure. Many of my friends had used Brian to help them with the issues of first time dog owners, but my issue was much more complex. First of all, Brian is very quick to respond and returned my call quickly. He had me fill out a questionnaire and our work began. Brian first formed a bond with my dog. He wanted to establish a trusting relationship with him before moving to the next step. All family members were involved with the training which took place at our home and the surrounding areas where we took the dog. He wanted to make sure we were all on board and understood the game plan collectively. Since my dog was not confident, Brian decided it was best not to take him from his comfort zone with his family and continued with all the training at our home. Because of Brian’s expertise, my dog is now calm and secure and living happily and peacefully with our other dogs and family members under one roof. I can say without hesitation that Brian can deal with any and all situations that come his way. Brian is patient, extremely knowledgeable and professional in every way. He is wonderful to work with and truly makes sure that you have an understanding of what the dog needs from you. We all looked forward to our sessions with Brian because he makes training so rewarding and fun that you want to go out and get another puppy immediately. Brian is the real deal and I consider him our friend as well.



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