06 Dec

A league of his own!

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I wanted to take this time to express my sincere appreciation for the job you guys did with my dog. For being 6 months old I am extraordinarily impressed with her behavior. She is the talk of my building and the neighborhood. She is really such a pleasure to walk and to bring around people including young children and elderly people as well. I know I did not give her to you with behavior issues but she was a true puppy in every sense of the word. She is now a mature well behaved puppy. I also realize that the majority of issues I will encounter will probably be my fault due to lack of consistency and learning how to be a good dog owner. My time working with you guys was invaluable and I appreciate the continued support in always being available to answer any questions that I might have. The operation you guys run is really in a league of its own! I look forward to continuing to work with you guys throughout my dogs continued education and training. This has been an amazing start for mine and Zelda’s journey. Thank you so much!


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