06 Dec


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All we can say is…Wow! We cannot believe the transformation of our puppy after training with you. You truly have such a way with dogs. We expected Bailey to come back somewhat trained but never this well in such a short time. We handed you a loving puppy who unfortunately would chew our furniture, pee and poop on our carpet’s, put every thing on the street in her mouth, jump with excitement when anybody would come to pet her, and pull ahead on the leash as she tried to explore.

What you returned to us was our same loving Bailey but now one that walks by our side without pulling on the leash, sits when people come to play with her, stops and waits on command, responds to be told to sit, lie down, and go to your bed among other things. She is an absolute pleasure and as much as we loved her before she went to you, now we really enjoy her!

Brian, we cannot thank you enough! At 16 weeks old Bailey is better trained than more than 95% of the adult dogs we see.


Great Dogs Resort