Fun! Fair! Firm!

Fun! When you and your puppy have fun, training is rewarding for both of you! Done with joy, it is a game, a dance and pure productive play, which is good for your soul and your puppy’s development. Never leave your puppy in any doubt that you are pleased! Use praise, petting, play and food reward to keep things upbeat and fun!

Fair! This means teaching your puppy what you want, practicing with your puppy daily and doing what your puppy needs to succeed. For example: If you leave a young sporting breed puppy cooped up for hours, it isn’t fair to expect him to be attentive to your teaching. Do what he needs first… give him a good run, then work on his training. That’s only fair.

Firm! Not angry, mean or loud- instead calm, clear and consistent. When you are firm but not scary, your puppy learns he can count on you. If you are not firm, then you are being confusing and chaotic. Never apologize for being calm, clear and consistent- it is the kindest path.